I doubt there are many people who wouldn’t agree that family matters.  But, I think there might be a more interesting discussion on what family is.  To most, I imagine it includes parents, spouses, children, siblings.  To some close friends.  To others it could mean the kinship we feel for those we share values and beliefs with, maybe members of a church, or perhaps members of a profession.

Recently I’ve been visiting relatives in Guernsey – tough life isn’t it?  I took my mum, she loves being with people.  We had a lovely time and I was bowled over by how kind and hospitable everyone was.  Even those whose family links are, to be honest, very weak – my cousin’s son’s wife’s mum – work that one out if you are a genealogist.  We haven’t even seen them that often, my family was never very good at meeting up.  We were welcomed, wined, dined, taken around the island and nothing was too much trouble.


family matters... family matters...

It really got me thinking about the bonds and links that bring people together, even when those bonds are not reinforced by frequency.  What would you consider your family to be?  Is it

  • your mother, father, sisters, brothers, children – the classic family group?
  • or is it your friends, old friends who know you well and still love you even when they don’t have blood ties?
  • what about your professional group?  Is that a family, of sorts?  Are there bonds and links that brings dental professionals together, I think there are.

What are the links, what’s it all about?  Is it a shared history, a shared language, shared experiences?  I think there’s something in that.  At our very core, all of humanity has a shared DNA pattern, if geneticists are to be believed all humans living today can be traced back to 12 women – amazing, that’s a lot of cousins.  That might explain why we are constantly bickering and falling out – another characteristic of families (another blog).

I love my mum, my brother, sister, husband – they are my classic family.  I also love my friends and enjoy spending time with old friends.  I also love my profession and enjoy being with other dental professionals.  What is it about family or kin that we think makes those individuals special to us? I’ll try a few ideas – perhaps we feel safe with family, they know our weaknesses and still love and support us.  No matter what we do viagra free trial pack family will be there for us, we feel comfortable, familiar, cherished.  They know parts of what makes us tick and we share a commonality.  Perhaps family could be thought of like circles around each of us.  We are in the middle, our immediate family in the closest circle, wider family next, friends next and the circles keep going until we get to the circle that is our planet – maybe I’m getting too philosophical here, but I imagine you get my drift.

So, I’ve been pondering on family, what it is, what are the links and bonds?  What do you think?