I was always taught "from little acorns mighty oak trees grow" - so this week here at the Dental Coaching Academy, Janine, Bob and myself launch a survey to find out what dental professionals themselves believe is needed to support their growth as leaders in the profession.

A big thank you to the first five people to complete the survey - that's the good news.  Now, the challenge that Janine gave to me was that she wants 500 responses.  OK....

It made me think about those fundraising projects that have thermometers showing how close they are to their target.

To be honest, I love a challenge or a target.  It gives me a fixed idea of what we're trying to achieve - or what 'good' looks like.  As a child I always asked 'why' (a nightmare for my parents) and, to me, having a clear purpose is very important.

So what's the purpose of asking the profession what your needs are?  The answer is slightly different for each of the areas our work focuses on:

  • Leadership:  a complex area

There are so many aspects  to leadership- that it's better that you tell us what's important to you - especially where your biggest challenges are.  My guess is that you're pretty good at dealing with day to day leadership - but where do you want to grow?  Is it your relationships with your peers?  Your leadership outside the practice?  Do you want to take a lead on the wider health agenda?

  • Coaching: how you might apply your coaching skills -

Do you see yourself coaching at a basic (GROW) level - or do you want to coach people to become leaders?  Do you want to achieve an interenationally-recognised qualification? Are you thinking about patient compliance - "Coaching for Health"  or even coaching them to reduce DNAs?

  • Communications: moving from fear to enjoyment

When we talk to dental professionals about better meetings, standing up in front of colleagues or making a public presentation, many look down at their feet.  My aim is for every dental professional to feel confident in speaking out - and gain real pleasure buy cialis in that.  So where are you at with your speaking skills at the moment, and where do you need to improve them?

I hope this has given you a flavour of what we're trying to achieve.  We want to tailor our programmes to your needs.  We think they're pretty good at the moment - and we have some very satisified customers - but we want to be even better.  We want to support the viagra online storessuccess of the profession.  And we don't want to get too big-headed...

So do feel free to share our survey - and help us reach our target soon.

Thank you!

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