coachingwebCoaches? for dentists? Dentists being coached? – what’s that all about?  Are you thinking – what nonsense? Or perhaps you’re thinking, yes, of course – brilliant idea.

Most people think of coaching in sports.  What top sports person has got where they are without a top coach.  They go together like ham and eggs, like strawberries and cream, like dentists and patients.  Few sports people, few olypianians do not have a coach, sometimes more than one.

Actually most chief executives have a coach.  So, why don’t dentists have coaches?

If dentists have thought about coaches, probably they have thought about a business coach.  Business coaches help to maximize the business of dentistry and that’s important.  But, what about the person, the dentist, you?  Have you ever thought about how to get the best from yourself?  Coaching does that.

Having a coach is a very personal thing, their only goal is to help you achieve your maximum potential, it’s all about you.  Dentistry can be a lonely profession, even when you work in a large practice, it can still seem lonely.  A coach you works only in your interest can be a lifeline.

Are you thinking – that’s mentoring isn’t it?  Mentoring is coaching’s better known cousin – they are not the same although they have become confused by some as being inter changeable.

I’ve been a coachee and now I coach others.  Coaching helped me work through some parts of my career I wanted to improve.  For example, how could I be a better leader of my team?  How could I get the most out of those I wanted to work with?  How could I influence my organization?  Coaching is fairly new to the UK and particularly to health professionals.  Dentists are often at the fore front of new ways of doing things.

Coaching – mull it over, you might find giving it a try the best thing you’ve done in a while.