Since thDental Coaching Academy at BDA conference: best leadership development, coaching and communications traininge BDA conference it's been a busy time for us.  Janine's been flying around the UK.  Bob's been asked to be part of the new national 'Engage for Success' organisation as a Committee Chair, and Helen's just back from working with our partners in Turkey - trying to avoid the politics!

We asked each of them for 1 tip that focused on the basics of leadership, coaching or communications - here's what they said -

Janine - Yes, you are a leader! You just need vision

  • Wherever you are in your organisation – and whatever its size – YOU are a leader.
  • Whenever you take responsibility – for your patient, their carer, your team, and the task in hand – you’re showing leadership
  • By having a clear vision for where you’re going; by knowing what success looks like and communicating that clearly – you’ll motivate people around you

Helen - Great leaders listen!  And they create focus around them for better communication

We know there just aren’t enough hours in the day – so we’re NOT suggesting turning the surgery into group therapy.

  • Let people know when is a good time to talk.  Leaders let their team know when it’s NOT good to talk too.
  • Did you know that, at the most safety critical time on an aircraft – the take-off – there’s silence on the flight deck until that critical period is complete?
  • Let people know how much time you’ve got

You’ll improve your leadership by listening better.  Others will improve their focus by getting their messages across quicker

Bob –The secret to better employee engagement – Engaging Leaders who -

  • Treat their people as individuals
  • Give their people scope to grow their careers
  • Coach and stretch their people

So if you’re suffering from staff with low morale, high levels of sickness and absenteeism or poor quality or safety standards – look to your own leadership skills and staff will follow you.

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