Leadership & 'success'

I love reading other peoples’ blogs. It stimulates my thinking. Especially around topics like 'leadership' and 'success'.

image of what coach-like leaders listen for

I was particularly struck, recently, by the assertion that, if leaders don’t have a ‘success’ mentality, then they are planning for failure.

It’s not that I take offence by this kind of thinking.  It just smacks of motivational gurus and slippery salespeople.

That 'either/or' thinking isn't helpful either.  We're rarely just one thing or another.

I read that blog at a time when Bob (husband and business partner) and I were planning our 10th wedding anniversary party.  The wonderful cards and kind messages we received from people were delightful – and of course it helped us reflect on how far we’ve come in ten years.

I’ve always joked that it takes someone rather special to put up with me.  I know I’m difficult to live with.  But then Bob likes a challenge.

When you’re committed to something for the long term, success/failure thinking isn’t really the context.  It’s about how to create an environment that works.

Yes of course there are ‘successes’ along the way.  In business that might be winning an order, or an award.  Both of which we’ve recently achieved.

There are other successes.  Getting the cashflow sorted in today’s world.  Getting the best deal on the IT system.

But can I talk about the team relationships in terms of success, or failure?  We really do go through ups and downs in relationships.  And that’s not just marriages, or business partnerships.

leadership, coaching and listening

The way we support our team members through their ups and downs.  Hopes and dreams.  Steps forward and set backs.

I’m not talking about tree-hugging or group therapy.  Just investing time in really listening.

I like this quote:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston S. Churchill

'Success' feels like a one-off; as leaders we need to maintain an optimum team environment – so whatever you’re bupropion hci celebrating this year – congratulations for having the courage to continue.  I’ve attached a one-page summary of the Coach’s listening skills needed (Download here: what coach-like leaders 'Listen' for ) – they’re great for leaders too.    That's why we train leaders to be more coach-like.  And your feedback is really welcome.