Why invest in In-Person Leadership Development? - by Dr. Janine Brooks MBE

With the rise and rise of distance learning and the technologies getting simpler, why do we recommend a blend of in-person and distance learning?

So many dentists tell us about the loneliness of leadership.  Running a business.  Building a practice.  Winning and retaining patients.  Recruiting and retaining staff.

It’s like spinning plates and juggling, all at the same time.

We totally understand why dental professionals leave their development time till the end of the day – or the weekend.  When sitting in front of a computer and just cruising through a presentation feels like enough.

That’s fine for unwinding.  For switching off.

In fact, the global expert on emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman, said last week that we pay the least attention when we’re in front of a computer.

The New Leaders by Daniel Goleman The New Leaders by Daniel Goleman

It’s not a great way to learn new and demanding skills.  It is a great way to refresh your existing learning, watch visual presentations or download mp3s for the journey to work.

Here at the Dental Coaching Academy, we do use distance learning – in the form of online materials and teleconferences, to support our in-person work.  Yet nothing resolves the loneliness of leadership like working with your peers.  There’s camaraderie, networking and a genuine feeling of fellowship.

When you’re interacting with your peers, in a safe and confidential environment, you can share those war stories; bond with like-minded people and debunk some of the mystique around complex skills like leadership, coaching and communications.

What we know about professionals who work alone is that stress builds up.  It has no natural outlet (other than when we take it out on our patients or staff – but no-one likes to admit they do that, do they?)

Dental Professionals who don’t refresh their skills alongside their peers risk

  • Losing emotional intelligence
  • Falling short in their communication skills
  • Losing goodwill – even patients

These are among the most common reasons that dental professionals come to me for help.

But it doesn’t need to be like this.  Participants in our leadership development programmes report better working relationships, better communication, better delegation, better problem solving.

One of the secrets of our success is the blend between the in-person and the distance learning.

In a recent survey amongst our clients, more than 80% now use an open and flexible communication style with staff.  Over 75% encourage staff to explore alternative ideas and solutions – facilitating them to solve problems.

They report better performance conversations with staff, as well as creating more trusting relationships with people around them.

It’s never too late to build your leadership skills. So if you’re feeling the burden of leadership, the chances are that leadership, coaching skills and communications are needed.

Here at the Dental Coaching Academy, leadership is what we do.  Whether it’s a refresher course you need or you need people to step up and develop their skills.  We can help.

With a wealth of experience in developing dental leadership, and my own professional career in dentistry, I can promise high quality skills development that gives people the confidence to apply what they learn back in the workplace and reap the rewards.