Develop your leadership skills

by Dr. Janine Brooks MBE

Leadership isn’t a single event in a professional career.  It’s an evolution.

Remember when you were a Foundation Trainee?  Last week you were a Student; this week you’re a Dentist.

Where some people bring leadership abilities into their practice naturally, for others it’s terrifying.  Whichever way you felt about it, your leadership abilities were needed immediately.

Leadership is part of our everyday work – in clinical practice you typically have a four-way leadership role:

  • With your Dental Nurse
  • With your Patient
  • With your Patient’s carer, parent or family member

Each of these people expect you to lead them; to support them; to talk things over with them to help them deliver at their best and make the best decisions for their oral health.

You may not see yourself as a leader – but other people assume you are.

It’s not just about having theoretical knowledge of what leadership is.  It’s about putting those skills into practice every day.

And then, further down the line in your career, you settled into your practice.  You became more comfortable.  More confident.

You decided to spread your leadership wings

  • You’ve thought about a partnership
  • You’re considering buying your own practice

You need new skills – those invisible leadership qualities that help you

All this requires bigger, wider, thinking.  Not just being at the top of a hierarchical pyramid –more like running from peak to peak across a range of hills.

You’re leading other leaders – your practice manager also needs leadership skills.  And in husband/wife businesses, leadership takes on a particular flavour.

It’s never too late to build your leadership skills.  And if you think there’s something lacking; something’s not quite right in the way things are going at the surgery, chances are that better leadership, coaching skills and communications are needed.

Here at the Dental Coaching Academy, leadership is what we do.  Whether it’s a refresher course you need.  Or you need people to step up and develop their skills.  We can help.

With a wealth of experience in developing dental leadership, and my own professional career in dentistry, I can promise high quality skills development that gives people the confidence to apply what they learn back in the workplace.

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